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The Brigade v. The Returner

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Rules FAQ

Q: Riley is sundered, and the Ravager is staggered. The Ravager charges Riley, does Riley take damage?

A: Sunder makes all the damage against Riley unpreventable. Unpreventable damage cannot be transferred, reduced or prevented. Stagger is a damage reduction, and unpreventable trumps that. Riley would take 1 damage from the charge.

Q: If a spawn is disarmed, are cards discarded?

A: Targets that do have a push or plan phase cannot be forced to discard cards. The disarm would still damage the spawn, possibly destroying it, but would not cause cards to be discarded.

Q: Jones is staggered, and then tries to Nuke a cluster of enemy champions. How much damage is dealt?

A: The unpreventable damage would still go through, but the area of effect damage would all be reduced to 0. So Jones' Nuke would deal 1 damage to the initial target, and no damage to any of the others.

Q: If I damage a Defender with multiple 1 damage attacks in the same activation do they take damage?

A: No. Damage is resolved on a per attack basis, and so each attack would be reduced by 1 to zero, resulting in no damage taken. Generally you must deal 2 or more damage or unpreventable damage to damage a Defender.

Q: Tosh is effected by the Slow Status Effect. He Activates, and uses the Undo Ability on himself. Does he get another Action?

A: No. The Champion gets all their actions when they activate. (So in Tosh's case, being a Swift Champion, he would gain 3 actions -1 for slow, so 2 actions before needing to push or plan. If he removes the slow status effect during his activation he does not get another action that activation. Next activation when he generates actions (assuming he is not re-slowed) he would get his normal allotment.

Q: Can the Guard Status Effect prevent the unpreventable damage from Nuke?

A: No. Unpreventable Damage is always dealt. Unpreventable Damage cannot be transferred, reduced, or prevented by Abilities, Status Effects, or Perks.

Q: If Champion A is Provoked by Champion B, and Champion C breaks away from Champion A can Champion A make the break away attack?

A: No. Champion A cannot target Champion C, because, based on Provoke they can only target themselves or the Caster of Provoke, in this case Champion B. Note that Champion A is still engaging Champion C until they Break Away, but once they Break Away (suffering no break away attack) they can target freely.

Q: Do I have to spend extra cards to perform a Break Away Attack on a Skirmisher?

A: No. The Skirmisher perk only triggers on the Skirmisher being targeted by Abilities. Break Away Attacks are not Abilities.

Q: I use Jones to Nuke an enemy Champion that is standing next to one of my Champions, and I am 1 point from winning the game. What happens?

A: Damage is resolved in the order of the active player's choosing. You win the game as soon as you reach the red end square. So in this case, assuming you choose to resolve the damage on the enemy first, you would win the game before the damage on the enemy can be resolved.

Have other rules questions? Email us at: Help@ImbalancedGames.com